drmark1961 (drmark1961) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi, I moved 2 months ago to a new house, and only recently my email has not been working at all. I can't send or receive emails. When I was living with my parents, their internet and phone connections were with Optus (my email is an optusnet one), but now I'm living in shared accommodation with only internet that is with BigPond.

Is there any way to fix my account so that I can get my emails by using the same Optus email address, but with the BigPond provider?
As far as I know, my parents haven't disconnected their Optus accounts.

I access my emails through my Apple Macbook's "Mail" app. What should I have listed for my "Incoming mail server", and for my "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)"?

I've already tried speaking to Optus' online technical support, and I've also tried calling them, but they were just hopeless and gave me the number to another department, and each department after that did the same thing.
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