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A lot of my co-workers are on LinkedIn. I have like 300+ LinkedIn connections, but not many current co-workers. Most of my connections are college friends, members of alumni associations at several colleges I attended, members of LI groups I'm in, and some former co-workers that I keep in touch with. I use LinkedIn to keep an eye out for job openings and occasionally to read interesting articles my connections post, and potentially I'll attend networking events advertised there when I'm less busy in the evenings. I prefer not to be super close with my co-workers while we work together, with a few exceptions (i.e. people I might actually socialize with outside of work, though I rarely do IRL). Being Linked with too many of them gives me a creepy feeling of being watched.

So, my current boss just sent me an invite. She is not someone I'd socialize with outside of work, though I don't dislike her. She's been reasonably fair and helpful since she's been my supervisor, about 2 years (previous supervisor was NOT fair or helpful, so it's an improvement).

Should I accept her invitation?

Note: Many of my co-workers have also friended each other on Facebook. I'm not on Facebook, so this isn't an issue for me, thank goodness.
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