baaangarang (baaangarang) wrote in thequestionclub,

This Sunday I will be visiting my friend, D, who attends a university about 3 hours away. D's friend M who I've met a few times is also visiting. M lives about half an hour from me, which is slightly out of the way I'd be taking to get to the university.

M was planning on taking a train both ways, but D asked if I could give her a ride home instead of her taking the train (M already bought the ticket there). M would be willing to give me gas money.

I said it wouldn't be a problem but I'd feel weird accepting gas money considering I was planning on going before I knew she'd be coming. That said, I'm saving M roughly $60 by giving her a ride home. Would it be fair to just ask that M pays for lunch and coffee on the way back? I don't want to accept actual money but some sort of compensation would be nice. For lunch I'd just want like Taco Bell or pizza.

If you were in my situation, what would you do? If you were M, would you think that was fair?

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