Monica (callise) wrote in thequestionclub,

Well I found out today that when May comes our site is closing. I will have to search for a new job.

How am I going to hang on? Certain things seem so pointless when you know your going to be let go.

Anyone want to cheer me up?

Anyone have recommendations for job searching?

will someone tell me about a time you dealt with huge changes how it turned out GREAT?

Ever have a strange feeling something was going to happen and it did? What was it?

I have a strange feeling this isn't the only change coming. I almost feel like I'm going to end up moving as well....

I'm kind of feeling like WHAT do I want to do with myself? I LIVE at home so I don't have to get a job right away. I am lucky to have that net of being at home with my parents.

It's feeling like a huge chapter of my life is coming to an end a new one will start up in May. I'm kind of 'fear of the unknown'.
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