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Last night my housemate came home at 1 am, banged pots and pans around for 30 minutes, a guy walked in, they talked and laughed horrifically loudly, then banged each other until about 330 am. I had been asleep since 11 and was quite angry that this woke me up, especially having taken an Advil pm earlier. Then they got up at 730 am and went to work. I would have been way more pissed because I usually get up that time too but luckily I was sleeping in until 10 this morning.

He came home with her right now so I expect sexytimes will become a regular thing. We have paper thin walls so its basically like we're roommates. I've never had this problem before so idk what to do except be disturbed and annoyed.

What have you all done in this situation? Or what would you do? I know ear plugs are a simple solution but anything else that may be more effective? And unless they were amazing ear plugs,I bet I would have still heard the pots and the laughing.

Ps for those of you who helped me out with my boy problem, thanks so much! He called me Wednesday night, I told him what was bothering me, and I think we will be okay with that now =)

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