Nikki (empress_nikki) wrote in thequestionclub,

please excuse typing style during this, hard to focus

okay so i've had two migraines in my life and i think this may be my third? but i'm concerned because it's a little weird. i don't have a family doctor to call, but if i need to i can get a friend to drive me somewhere

i felt fine most of today, my stomach was a little upset, but that is not abnormal for me, i went out with the new dating person and got vertigo out of nowhere, which has happened before both of my migraines, but not this bad, i could hardly see and he had to led me back to his car, it cleared up and i started having a little ear pain and head pressure instead. now i feel dizzy and off-kilter and my ears hurt enormously along with some neck and shoulder pain. i've had stabbing pain on the right side of my spine near my shoulderblades but i don't knw if that's related or not

does this sound like migraine to people whove had moe than me?

my doctor's walk in clinic can be a long wait and sound makes me feel sick, and i can't afford a trip to the emergency room (unless i need to), which is why i'm asking- - i also know i need to get off my computer but idk what else to do

edit: Most of the weird stuff is gone and the pain has settled in my head in typical migraine fashion, so it's a migraine, but I now have a fever that seems to be rising quickly. it was 100.1 when I took it about ten minutes ago and when I took a few minutes later to be sure my thermometer isn't weird, it was 100.9, and I took it again just now (I like to be sure) and it's 101.4. D:
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