plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've mentioned here a couple of times that i'm moving to Florida at the end of April.
I have not told my work this, though the way they treat me i'd be quitting soon anyway.
My problem is, i'm good friends with one of the girls I work with, and don't want her to feel like I was lying to her the whole way through. I've made some heavy hints about being offered an opportunity abroad, and now i've only got a month of work left, I feel I ought to tell her. I have my visa appointment next week, so do need some time off work.

Should I just tell her now and see what she says (she may say to keep it a secret from work as they might try to kick me out now) or just make an excuse as to why I need two days off to go to London next week?
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