was never much but we've made the most (jira_rd) wrote in thequestionclub,
was never much but we've made the most

Does anyone use myfitnesspal and if so, is it screwed up for you? I've been trying to use it for the last two days and I can look up foods to add, but when I go to actually add it, instead of just looking it up, it leads me to a page that doesn't work. It has the information, but it doesn't add the food and calories and whatnot no matter how many times you click to add it. It never used to do that, and I've tried it on Firefox, Chrome, and IE, and nothing is working.

If not, describe your ultimate meal if price and calories weren't a problem?

For me, it's an appetizer of potato skins with bacon and an entree of steak with asparagus and a side salad of lettuce, croutons, carrots, broccoli, and corn, and a dessert split with my boyfriend of strawberry cheesecake.
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