malappy (malappy) wrote in thequestionclub,

so lately ive been having panic attacks in my sleep, why and what could this be from? (i don't know if it's necessarily called a "panic attack" but it keeps happening!)

last night i had a dream that there was this snow storm that all of a sudden blew through and covered everything in white. i was at work (a restaurant) and i came back up front from the kitchen and saw that all of our windows were covered in white and i got really dizzy and had to crouch down. everytime i tried to stand back up and see the storm, i couldn't do it and i'd get really dizzy and start panicing.

the other day i had a dream that my friend was getting arrested and i couldn't do anything to help him (he kept running away from the police and asking me for help) and i woke up in a sweat and dizzy and panicing.

why is this?!

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