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Alright, so, long story short, I've been working at a cafe since December. 2 weeks ago, I got my lip pierced. There is nothing in my county's health department code that says this isn't allowed. Today at work, the store owner popped in and said "you have to either take that piercing out, or clock out". My manager backed me up in saying "actually, the health department has nothing against lip rings", and the store owner responded "I don't care. We don't do lip rings here." They told me nothing about piercings not being allowed when I started working here. I've had blue hair at this job, and other employees have visible tattoos and facial hair. It seems as if the restaurant owner just made up this rule on the spot.

As of now, I don't know if I even still work there. I clocked out and went home without saying a word. I was scheduled to work tomorrow, I just called and said "I don't know if I even still work here, but I'm calling off."

Pretty much everyone I work with is on my side on this, saying that the store owner has no right to do this.



When I called to say I wasn't coming in the next day, I explained that the reason was so I could go and buy a clear stud to put in. The manager told me to come in anyways, because he couldn't afford to have one less person working.

The boss came in in a bad mood yesterday, and took it out on his employees. I wasn't the only victim of his making up rules on the spot. I didn't "storm out" of the place, as some people say, I left because I couldn't carry on a conversation with someone who was screaming at me.

I still have the job, and I now wear a clear stud.
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