you would kill for this, just a little bit (followthetempo) wrote in thequestionclub,
you would kill for this, just a little bit

I have bad cat allergies and live with three cats. As a result, I am in a permanent state of crap with my asthma and nasal congestion. My allergist prescribed me natural d hist which appeared to work for a while, but not so much anymore. I use Vicks sinex spray, but you're really not supposed to take that for more than three days. I'm also prescribed nasonex, but that doesn't work at all so I don't even bother with it.


Is there a decongestant, preferably over the counter, that would work and I can take for as long as I want? with the sinex it wears off fairly quickly, within a couple of hours. I would like to be able to breathe out of my nose on a regular basis haha. I live with my parents, the cat situation is not my fault or fixable.


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