I sailed across the sun (gouache) wrote in thequestionclub,
I sailed across the sun

Could I have some friend advice please?

Could I have some friend advice please?

I have a job where there was an opening, and with my help my newly acquired best friend got the position. We will call her N. N has a college degree, has been in need of a job for a while, etc, and she's dependable and reliable so I'm excited to have her work alongside me. She is an incredible person to top it all off.

However, she wants to get her deadbeat best friend a job too (D). I don't necessarily like this friend (partly jealousy, partly because she's a deadbeat with an immaturity problem) but I'm civil. My friend has asked me to write her a reference letter as I did with her so that D can work with us.

This isn't a high paying job, but it's decent. It's my first real one out of college. I am a favorite among my coworkers and supervisors and I feel like if D worked there, she would tarnish my reputation. Not to mention I don't know her that well.

How do I politely tell N I don't want to? I think her friend D would not do any work. I don't want to be accountable for her. Do I keep my feelings about D to myself? How do I approach this? I feel if that I tell her no, I'd have to explain why; any advice? Thank you.
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