Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Oral sex poll

You have to go down on one of these celebrities. Who do you pick?

Channing Tatum (or Scarjo). He/she hasn't bathed in a week and it's been a hot summer
Jon Lovitz (or Hilary Clinton). He/she has not only bathed twice that day, but soaked in scented bath salts, so he/she is totally clean and smells fantastic

Your SO is giving you oral sex (pretend you have one if you're single). It's the best sex ever and your SO is hitting ALL your buttons, and you're about to cum like an explosion. However, you've been holding in a fart the entire time, and the closer you get to orgasm, the harder it gets to hold it in. Your SO is on the final stretch, and you're about to have a mad, intense orgasm in the next 20 seconds. If you do, you'll be letting lose a treacherous fart right around the same time. It really is the best sexual experience you recall having (we're talking years here) and it's taking extreme effort to hold in your gas. Tick tock tick tock. What do you do?

Let the orgasm happen; wild, wonderful, exhilerating orgasm. And I sort of fart around my SO's face. I'll try and make it up to him/her later
Using extreme control, I push my SO off me and either exit the room to pass gas or continue to hold it in. My genitals make a sad face

It's your SO's birthday, and it's been a wonderful night. In bed, he/she tells you that their ultimate sexual fantasy is to experience a blumpkin (urban dictionary if you don't know what this is). Imagine the female equivalent if you're dating a woman. What are the chances on this green earth that you'll make this wish come true?

100%. It's his/her birthday and they asked nicely. I can't refuse
50%. I'm really not liking the idea but I suppose I can be talked into it
25%. There had better be a damn good tradeoff here. If I do this, my partner has to give me something I want bad
5%. He/she would have to pull out a gun and demand it
0%. My SO'll have to put my dead, blue lips on their junk if they want this as I will not willingly do this no matter what
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