Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Treating an anxiety disorder

I've recently realized that I need to aggressively deal with my anxiety. It's terrible when things get tough, and I know that as I grow older, hardships will increase. I usually displace my real problems by thinking of irrational things and my overactive imagination and ability to majorily overthink scenarios causes me a great deal of stress. Being an independent and single 23-year old, I am not hugely negatively affecting anyone in my life with this yet, as I mostly just talk about it with a few of my closest friends and my therapists. But as I eventually probably find a life partner and (hopefully) have children, I don't want to be that kind of wife/mother who worries and is the anxious one while the dad is all calm and casual. I don't want my kids to suffer from it, and I know what it's like having an over-worried parent (most of the reason I am the way I am.) 

I'm talking to a therapist, but I think I need to speak to a psychitarist as well. I know that only a professional can accuaretly diagnose me, but given that I'm pretty sure i have some form of genrealized anxiety disorder, I'd like an anti-anxiety medication. For those of you who have been on some, what has been your experience? Pros? Cons? Side effects? I have Xanax but it doesn't impress me. I take half of one when I'm feeling stressed (I try to limit this to once a week and have only started a couple months ago), and all it does it kind of make me feel a little high or drunk for like 30 minutes and then it goes away. I only take a whole one when I want to sleep..I feel strange, then calm, and then go to sleep, but it doesn't help long-term and it makes me feel too weird to take it in public and I don't want to become dependent on them. 

I also want to do a lot of cognitive behavioral therapy, and I am also curious what your experience has been for those who have gone through that. 

A bit more info: I'm an only child, and my mom died of ALS almost 2 years ago, and this is one of the main causes of my extreme anxiety issues. I am not irritable, I sleep fairly well, and maintain a healthy diet with moderate exercise, so I'm doing all of these good things, but it's not helping long term. I need to get my shit together before it gets worse or I end up hurting someone. I have been crying a lot recently and have had a lot of near panic attacks over probably nothing. So in the meantime, any other suggestions? Things that help the most right now are: getting really into my job, socializing, yoga, and a good workout. 
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