Aerozeppelin (aeroszeppelin) wrote in thequestionclub,

Room layout?

I have a fairly large apartment-type dorm room to myself, with lots of space and lots of furniture. I want to re-arrange the furniture but can't think of a decent alternative to the (boring but acceptable) way it's set up right now. Do any decorating gurus have any advice? A sketch of the layout is under the cut; I can also post a video of the room if it'll help.

1. I can move everything except the lofted bed. The chair and drawers under the bed are a sort of reading nook that goes largely unused.
2. The couch seats 2-3 people and faces the wall with the window.
3. I have a large-ish monitor that I use to watch TV but also to do work, so ideally the couch will be in a position that allows me to face/be relatively close to the monitor. Since I also use the monitor for work it has to be on the desk, close to my laptop.
4. The room is pretty big, I'm shitty with dimensions but I'd guess about 15x10 feet.
5. Yep, that's a random tiny wall by the door that opens into the hallway.
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