Babeebugg (babeebugg) wrote in thequestionclub,

What are some extremely funny things small children (Or anyone for that matter) has said that made you laugh?

- My nephew (8) asked me where Hitler was buried. I said I wasn;'t sure but it could have been at sea. His wee brother (5) asked why. To which the oldest said 'So he can't come back if there's a zombie apocalypse

 - My bff (who is 29) asked me the other day what would happen to an egg if it wasn't collected from the mother hen. She didn't know it would grow to be a chicken

- (there was a tv ad in the uk where the line 'I don't speak pineapple' was used (definition - I don't understand you) For whatever reason I said it to the youngest nephew. 10 mins later, his brother asked him something and he replied 'I dont' speak gay!'

There are so many that I might have to edit this post to add as I remember them

eta -
 what would happen if you pulled a giraffes tail?
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