Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

The month of March = a shit ton of driving for me.

Why? Because I told myself I was going to go to more concerts this year. And I'm taking my kids to Florida for spring break.

But I have a dilemma....

Would you spend $800 for a hotel.....or drive 4 hours round trip each day if it meant FREE food and a FREE place to an evening or two for myself?

I'll be driving from Southern Illinois to take the kids to Disney World when they're on spring break. My grandma and my aunt both live just under 2 hours away from Disney. I could split our stay with each, and it means free food, free place to stay, and I can see family that I haven't seen in 2 years...

That being said...I'm also driving from Southern Illinois to St. Louis and back twice (4 hour round trip each time) and to Indianapolis once (8 hour round trip) of the St. Louis trips and the Indianapolis trip will happen the week before we leave for Florida.

So...wwyd, tqc?

And yes, I'm going to try to attempt to entice another adult with a completely free trip to go with us long as they help me drive.
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