edgy. not homicidal. (aislincalum) wrote in thequestionclub,
edgy. not homicidal.

What was the last thing that surprised you about your work and/or school environment?
I was removing my jacket in the office this morning and one of my attorneys noticed that I have a tattoo on the back of my neck.  I have been trying to keep it concealed because it's a professional work environment and I wasn't sure if they had any policies about visible tattoos.  Her comment was, "Wow.  You really should show that off!"  I was surprised!

When was the last time someone said you were being too nice?
I have the worst neighbors ever and it has taken me almost a year to get so fucking fed up with them that I am taking official action through our landlord, but people have been telling me that I am WAY too nice and should have called the police a hundred times already.

Do you have any tips for eating healthy with a very busy schedule?
It is so much easier to just grab whatever is closest but I try to make myself something for lunch the night before so that I don't have a reason to run to the nearest cafe or restaurant at lunch.
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