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online "dating"

Do you think it's possible to just look for making friends when you make an account for online dating?

I joined Plenty of Fish a couple of weeks ago, just wanting to see what was out there.  What I got was having to read every message and screen things in order to see if I even wanted to talk to people.  So I dropped that and went to Ok Cupid because some friends said it's fun and you can do like quizzes, answer questions, etc. 

I find that the screening process is so much easier and the conversations are far more stimulating, but I'm still getting people who want to talk to me for long periods of time or ask me out, knowing they want more than friendship or they want to sleep with me.  I say "that's cool, but just so you know I'm just looking to be friends right now.  If you're looking for anything else, you should probably just stop talking to me, no harm no foul."  I've had a few people say that this is impossible and this is a DATING site.  My response to that is...really?  Because I have friends who have made great friends from dating sites.  Also I think that's a manipulative way of getting in my pants, just sayin. 

Wondering what your thoughts are on this?  Are dating sites JUST for dating (meaning a physical relationship, one night stand, or finding a long-term SO)?  Or do you think that having an account on a site and saying I only want friends is hypocritical?  Any other thoughts accepted, I'm fascinated by the idea of internet ANYTHING.

DC: Have you ever been friends with someone you REALLY wanted to sleep with, and didn't for any length of time?  Why?  Did it ever eventually go farther than friendship?  How so or why not?

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