The sigh that blew me forward (sarahsumbrella) wrote in thequestionclub,
The sigh that blew me forward

Jury Service FUBAR

Back in June 2012 I received a letter asking me to fill out a questionnaire to see if I was fit for jury duty. I took the option to fill it out online and discovered that as I'm still a green card holder, not a US Citizen, that disqualified me 

Couple of days later I received an email asking me to send a scan of my green card, either by mail or email but that if I didn't send it within 5 working days, I'd be sent another questionnaire. Well, I don't have a scanner, don't know anyone who does. My husband managed to track a dusty old scanner down in his office, but by the time we'd got it sorted out and working, 5 working days had passed. I decided to sit and wait for my new questionnaire. It never came and I forgot all about it. Big mistake 

My husband is terrible at putting mail on his desk at home and not opening it. Hence I've just found a letter from October stating that I was to appear at the local court stating why I was unfit for jury service and failure to appear could result in a big fine 

Oh. Shit 

What do I do next?

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