thegreenstage (thegreenstage) wrote in thequestionclub,

Examples of crap?

I just signed up for a Waitrose/JLP card, but noticed while I was doing so that one of the "benefits" is that if I buy a daily fail and spend over five quid, I get £1.20 off my shop.

I like Waitrose/John Lewis as a company, but obviously this pisses me off. I wish to express my displeasure. Could anyone who's a bit more savvy than me tell me
a) does the above mean that Waitrose/John Lewis has an actual agreement with the daily hideousness?
b) are there any particularly solid examples of racism, homophobia, transphobia and/or anti-feminism that've been displayed by that paper, either on paper or online, that I can use to illustrate my case?

DK/DC What's your favourite plant?
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