xeonha (xeonha) wrote in thequestionclub,

My skin is oily. It's gotten better recently, but yeah, pretty darn oily. I just ran out of my skinID stuff, which is what mainly helped with my skin not being so oily, and realized I hadn't gotten a package in a long time. I looked it up and it turns out skinID isn't a thing anymore! I shrug and figure that using some stuff my mother gave me a bit ago would be fine.

I was so, so, so wrong. I got the first break out in a year or two (that wasn't related to pms). I had used a mud mask from Seacret, 2-in-1 exfoliate/cleanser from Mary Kay, and a moisturizer from Avon. I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't the mud mask, 'cause even though I bought it years ago it's, well, mud.

Mom thinks it was the moisturizer. Or that since it's been ages since I properly exfoliated, the crap all came up and caused zits. I'm also wondering if I even need the moisturizer, even though the 2-in-1 says I need to apply one afterwards. I mean, my face gets so bloody oily, why add more to it?

Should I keep exfoliating until all the crap is out of my skin? Use a different moisturizer, or none at all? I didn't realize just how clueless I was.

ETA: is there anything out there like skinID, where it's very personalized?
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