Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,

I want to sell my stuff

I am going to have a moving sale at the end of this month.

What is the best advertising plan? I plan to run an ad in the paper (for the whole week, or is that overkill?) and put up signs pointing people down our street. Anywhere else I should put up flyers to draw people in?

I have a ton of bigger ticket items and I'm not sure how to price them. I am selling a king bed frame w/ mattresses, couches, table&chairs, coffee tables, dryer, etc.. Any tips on the big ticket items?

I have decided to part with a significant portion of my book collection (I donated about 150 books already but I still have ridiculous amounts of books to move). My books are all clean and in good condition and almost all are known writers and books. How much should I charge for a hardcover? A paperback?

I am bad with pricing. :/

Any other tips on having a successful sale?

ETA: We're too far from the nearest CL location to make that prudent.
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