Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can't find this online... figure one of you bronies might know. What's the name of the (current generation) My Little Pony that's a black and blue unicorn with a purple mane and tail? *edit* I'm talking about the toy, not the cartoon drawing. I think it's a two-part name with 'dark' or a synonym for dark in it. It may be dark blue and blue, not black and blue. The second blue is a bright robin's egg blue and the body is covered in a weird almost tribal pattern in the black/dark blue. Oh yeah, and it has wings in the same black/dark blue (and its's horn is the same color as well). The purple hair is a light purple. It may be a newish character? Her old favorite was Twilight Sparkle, but now this one is her fave. Oh... 'her' is my niece. I'm trying to label some Christmas pictures. Answered, thanks!

Okay, to make this slightly less stupid/google that shit, if you know, are you Rh- or Rh+? If you're Rh-, do you know what your siblings and parents are?
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