edgy. not homicidal. (aislincalum) wrote in thequestionclub,
edgy. not homicidal.

I just started a fantastic new job on Wednesday. (Seriously, this is my dream job and I have been waiting for 10 years to get a position like this.) Unfortunately, this morning, I woke up sicker than a dog but I sucked it up and went into work, hoping for the best. When I went to see which attorneys I needed to meet with, they realized how sick I was, moved all of my meetings up and sent me home within 90 minutes. My HR person said that it would be totally fine if I wasn't feeling well Friday and to just let her know first thing in the morning. I came home, slept for about 8 hours and now that I have eaten and done some more research for my new job, I still feel like shit.

Taking into consideration how much as I love this job, and understanding how it looks for someone to only attend their first day of work and then go home/call out sick for the next two days, what would YOU do?
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