pickathelitter (pickathelitter) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you think?

I've had one or two assignments set up with a tutoring company. They both were less than fantastic in terms of amount of work vs. how much I got paid. The owner of the company pays at least $30 less per hour than most tutors make (including myself when I'm tutoring on my own)

She wants me to tutor someone who she says is twenty minutes away, but it's more like 40. I just told her that I would prefer not to take it and she said that I'm the closest person to the client.

Should I stick to my guns and not take the job or make this woman's life easier?

She is probably getting 60% of the payment from the client, doesn't have to do paperwork and charges me tax. I teach full-time from 6:30am-3:30pm, tutor one day a week, and commute 90 minutes to grad school twice a week.
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