Emmett (lunasol) wrote in thequestionclub,

Nevermind! I've decided i'm gonna go look at some accessories and how much they cost, and go from there. Thanks!

Some other questions:
Do you like winter?
Is your house clean or messy right now?
Do you like summer?
How about chocolate milk?

Alright TQC, i'm in the market for a laptop and i would like a little help making the final decision. I'm pretty sure i want to go for the ASUS, but would you do the same?

These are the choices

1. HP Model G6-2320DX for $379.99
2. ASUS Model K55A-HI5121E for $449.99

I'm leaning towards the ASUS because i hear it's better for reliability and quality, but it does cost more.

Things you might want to know:
1. My budget is $450, but i *could* go a bit over that for the ASUS one since there's probably extra stuff to get with it too
2. For right now, whichever one i get will probably replace our desktop computer* and i'll be using it to write sheet music and maybe some light gaming (this is not a priority), and once the fall comes around i'll be taking it with me to school.
3. They both seem fine to me when it comes to specs

*which is soooooo slow and old that as long as the laptop can get me on Google within 10 minutes of logging on it's already good enough for me
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