Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in thequestionclub,


I am applying for jobs, which involves emailing my resume and cover letter various places.
The second email I sent, I got a message from "mailerdaemon@yahoo" that my message was not delivered because my IP address was blacklisted by SORBS-ALL as "currently sending spam."

First of all, I am not sending spam.
Second of all, the IP address listed in the message is not even my IP address.

I want to resend my email (if I even can??) to this company, if they didn't get the first one. But I don't want to send it twice, if they did get the first one. I forwarded the error message email to a friend and she got it, but I don't know if it would only be blocked to her if she subscribed to whatever this spam service is?

So, do you think my email went through, or didn't? And why am I getting a message about an IP address that isn't even my address? What should I do about this problem? Help me, TQC!
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