Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ebay? Yardsellr? Boutique?

This post brought to you by my having checked out - a site recommended in the January 2013 issue of Real Simple (which my mother subscribed me to as a gift, don't judge) - only to find that is not accepting new items and will in fact become yardsellr fashion (or something like that) as of...January 2013. (???)
The deal RS said had was that you paid $10 and they sent you a box and prepaid mailing label - you filled the box with your stuff and mailed it back, they sold your stuff online & paypalled you proceeds (minus commission); unsold items could be donated (and you get a tax receipt) or mailed back to you (you pay return shipping).

Anyone know another site that might still exist and have a deal similar to this?
Alternately, anyone want to share information about what sites online have better/worse success with selling clothing, and/or how that compares to selling clothing by consignment at actual stores? I know Ebay has a lot of traffic, but I've heard that clothing generally doesn't sell well there - truth? myth?

Thanks, and merry day-after-christmas

ETA: I am totally too busy/have too much stuff to list things myself, but am open to finding someone who lists things for me... I know I'll have to pay for that service, but I've been meaning to do this myself for two years now, clearly it is not actually going to happen.
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