sluice (sluice) wrote in thequestionclub,

stuff and stuff!

Hello TQC

I have lots of craft stuff.  Like, I hate to throw away solicitations and magazines that I get, and because I live in an apartment I get bi-weekly supermarket things and yadda I save them thinking I'll do something with them.  And other junk.  I have different colored paints too- pretty much any color you can imagine.  Yarn, old buttons, glitter, glue, random odds and ends....all kinds of things.

My question is, if you could do one giant master project with all of the crafty things I mentioned (and/or others you might have), what would you do?  A bunch of little things?  One big thing?

If you've already done stuff, will you post your pictures so I can stand in awe of your craftiness?


EDIT:  this totally does make me sound like my apartment is full of junk and I am a crazy hoarder.  When I say I have a lot of stuff, I mean I have one plastic tub that is half legit crafting things and half paper and such, tucked into my closet.  I am crazy, just not in that way.  
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