stealthisfilm (stealthisfilm) wrote in thequestionclub,

boots n' nails

1) I have two pairs of boots that are faux leather. Can I protect them with products designed to protect real leather/suede boots from snow and rain? If I use these sprays on my man-made "leather" boots, will it work or will the spray just not have any effect? Will it damage them?

2) I'm looking to get my nails done before I go on vacation. At first I was just going to get acrylics since the polish will definitely hold up for the entire week that I'll be gone and I will also get length I like without worrying about them breaking. But now I'm really starting to consider getting a Shellac manicure since those claim to last for up to two weeks. My question is, does the Shellac add any thickness to your nails? Are Shellac'd nails just as likely to break as much as your natural bare nails? Sharing any experiences with Shellac manicures would be greatly appreciated :)
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