Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in thequestionclub,
Elle B. See

Forgive me if I bring down the mood here...

My stepdad has been in a nursing home for the past eight years, after he had a massive stroke during heart surgery. Mom visits him every day, eating supper with him (the kitchen provides a tray for her) and all three daily meals during weekends.

She has gotten to know the staff very well - they're her only social life, really. I think they're the only people she contacts regularly outside of family and work. They like her too, because they see her so regularly. (She's something rare for them - a family member that acknowledges their loved one at the nursing home outside of holidays and birthdays.)

She wants to do something special for them on Christmas. They surprised her with a pretty necklace this week (the card said it was from Dad, but it was their idea and their money - they passed the hat). She doesn't want to do cookies, because one of the regular activities the residents do is bake cookies. In the past, she has handed out Christmas cards, but she feels the nurses and aides have gone especially out of their way this year.

TL;DR - Mom wants to do something special for Dad's nursing home staff this Christmas, because they did something special for her.

Any ideas? What would you appreciate if you had to work on Christmas?

DK/DC/Elbie is a Debbie Downer: What's the last random act of kindness you've done? (Putting pocket change towards a good cause counts. Not flipping off the person who cut you off in traffic does not.)
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