Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

so my mum was away for a whole week and it was pretty blissful. she just got back and i told her 'good news' - that my brother was kind enough to cook for me or buy me food the whole week and that my boxes from australia arrived safely.
as soon as she saw me though she didnt break into a smile even when i hugged her (she obviously didnt hug back - she just stood there). she complained about me locking my door and her not being able to come in (i was on the phone and i thought she was my brother), then she said my brother only cooked for me because i was too lazy to cook myself, and when she saw my bags from australia she complained about why i had so many bags (all of them were bought 4-5 years ago). she even saw i had a ring on and said that i was wasting money on buying useless things like accessories.

wtf is her problem TQC? i already feel like crying and i only talked to her for no longer than a minute. when we're apart we talk on the phone ok and she's neutral (which is the best she ever is). but as soon as she's home with me, she nitpicks and tries to tear things apart.

i always feel like i have to please her, i always try not to disappoint her in whatever i do, but sometimes i thinks she's just an unkind person and i shouldnt give a shit.
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