edgy. not homicidal. (aislincalum) wrote in thequestionclub,
edgy. not homicidal.

I am stressed the fuck out.  I need a drink; partially to calm my nerves and partially so that I don't feel my broken ankle while I have to hobble from room to room.

My mother is having some complications from a surgery that she had on Wednesday.  I am not happy about not being by her side, but I have 6 days to pack up and move out of my apartment.  She promised to call if she needs anything, but she is INCREDIBLY stubborn (she wanted to drive herself to the doctor today - 2 days after having him cut into and stitch up her eye!) so I am worried.  If she does call, I will have to drive 40 minutes to her home.

Yes, I know driving with a broken ankle is not a good idea, but I don't have a choice.

Do I make my drink, pack my shit and hope that my mom is okay or stay off my ankle, cry and stress out?  What would YOU do?
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