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Asshole-ish question?

I have a feeling this has been asked before, but anyway. This isn't a I-wanna-judge-you post  or a I-wanna-convert-you post, but I'm really curious here. It honestly took me 16 years to decide that I was 100% pro-choice (even if the reasoning has nothing to do with women's rights,actually after some discussion this really isn't the truth either).

If you are a vegan or vegetarian for moral reasons are you pro-life or pro-choice or other? What's your reasoning?

Also, for everyone else, why are you pro-life or pro-choice or other?

[Why I'm pro-choice without true regards to women's rights]
My reasoning might be considered a little messed up/stupid/twisted. I'm more of an advocate for children, although a woman's choice comes into play, it's not necessarily for her benefit that I care. I had a rough early childhood, an even as a very small child I remember wishing I had never been born because it was so clear my biological mother and everyone else didn't want me. I hate the idea of a child being forced to grow up with individuals who might not want them or be ready to have them... and that includes any reason at all, even reasons I consider to be horrifying... like they didn't want a boy. To me, infants are the most perfect humans on the planet, how could people advocate them being a punishment for not using birth control or having sex? Even the argument that the infants can be given up for adoption makes me ill. I'm guessing people don't have statistics on infant demand or have never lived in a group home with people who told them the only reason they had a home was because of the money that came along with them. Plus, it makes a child seem like some sort of object. For me, it's all about the quality of life the mother thinks they can give the child. I'm guessing very few people get abortions for "funsies", but even if they were (I highly doubt the existence)... how can a person want to force a child to live with someone who was like that? If a person doesn't want an infant for any reason... I can't bare the thought of a child having to live life with that person. Yes, sure, people can change their minds about wanting children after they have them, that happens, but I'm not going the bet the life of a child on it, what kind of person would? Yes, sure, some great people have risen above shitty-circumstances, but I'm not going to bet the life of a child on it, what kind of person would? If a woman thinks she can do it, and she wants to try, then I support her choice because just having a parent who loves you means a lot, but is she doesn't think so... I support her choosing not to put a child through that.

EDIT: I suppose it does have to do with women's rights. I wouldn't force a pregnancy on someone for any reason either... I mean that seems like down right torture. I mean a person chooses to drive a car, if they get in a car accident knowing full-very-well that it could result in a car accident do you not offer them medical care if they end up hurt in a car accident? I don't see how someone could say "hey they knew sex could result in pregnancy" and say they should have to suffer with the consequences either. So, maybe a bit about the mother's rights I suppose I just never really looked at it from that angle either. Part of me has a hard time sympathizing with adult's consequences... but on the other hand I don't advocate torture (and I could see being forced through a pregnancy and birth to be a form of torture) so how can I say that a mother should have to try to carry a pregnancy to birth for any reason? It sucks yes, but like I said, I doubt people have abortions for fun.
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