Jasmine! (looloosmells) wrote in thequestionclub,

Weight Gain

So...a few years ago I decided to quit smoking by taking Chantix.  They were horrible pills, but they worked.  By quitting smoking, and starting a 9-5 (sitting all day), and getting into a car accident (being injured, no exercise), I gained about 80 pounds from my lowest weight.

I am getting married next summer.  I have talked to a trainer who will train with you 3x/week and put you on a nutritional plan and design an exercise plan for days that you are not training together.  Goal of this being: losing 50-70 pounds by August 1.

Here's the clincher:  My mom will pay for it all ($5k), if I sign a contract stating that I will take this program seriously, and to really try hard at losing the weight.  In this contract it would also state that if I should gain weight, then I would owe her the $5k back.

What do y'all think of this?  Would you do something like this?

**this would be my second time doing a program like this.  the trainer was awesome, but i wasn't exercising on my off days and not watching what i ate and i still lost 20 pounds!
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