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Have you ever had something seemingly innocuous cut you very deeply? What happened?
Will you tell me a story about your less-than-awesome parents? (Bonus if it's your mother, eh?)
Can you be adopted after your eighteen? 

I was adopted by my father's [now ex] wife when I was ten. I knew her since my birth though, and I'm twenty-three now. We have a lot of problems, I guess you could say. Long story short she hates me and blames me for her failed marriage. I still love her though, even though pretty much everything she does and says hurts someone, but she's my mom, ya know? Anyway,  I'm five years older than her firstborn child. Yesterday this child, who is my sister (of course), was telling me a story:

I think its funny how people use other people's ages to gauge their age. The other day Mom was like, "This is my oldest, Rebekah, she's eighteen. Oh my God, I feel so old. My oldest is eighteen now." ....

I mean I knew she hated me and openly told people this and spread horrible rumors about me and encouraged her family [which was once mine too] to talk shit and make up lies about me. I dunno though, I always thought one day she'd get over my dad and her breaking up and we'd be some sort of family again. It just made the idea that she doesn't feel I'm her child so real. On top of that, I realized she's been doing little innocent seeming slips like that my whole life. It's just depressing. I need a hug =[
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