i call myself cassandra in my head (shinygobonkers) wrote in thequestionclub,
i call myself cassandra in my head


From a moral perspective, what are your feelings about the idea of tattooing animals?

This guy has a farm in China (had to leave Belgium due to EU laws) where he tattoos pigs and then lets them live freely, treats them well, gives them names etc. I think people can come visit the farm, like a petting zoo or something. Eventually they die/ get slaughtered and he either stuffs them or skins them and sells the tattooed skins/stuffed pigs to collectors.


Whereas apparently some pet owners in Russia have taken to getting their pet hairless sphinx cats tattooed for their amusement. This guy and his cat have matching tattoos:

It's my understanding that the animals are sedated during the tattooing procedure. Do you think what they are doing is wrong? How would you feel about someone who decided to tattoo their baby or toddler? Does this differ significantly from tattooing an animal? How come?

What consequences, if any, do you think people who do this to animals should face? What about if someone did this to their baby/toddler?

(for sake of argument, lets assume the tattooing was done in sterile, medically appropriate way by trained professionals)
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