bella_kitten (bella_kitten) wrote in thequestionclub,

Photoshop issue.

I'm trying to do something that SHOULD be really simple in Photoshop CS3, but I can't seem to get it and it's driving me up a wall.

Photoshop question and image behind the cut.

So I'm trying to make a stamp. It should be transparent and it'll get stamped on every screenshot a player takes in an online game, so it's really important that the border around it be solid but I just... can't seem to make that happen. I used the 'stroke' tool, which really SHOULD be solid, but it's not. Here's a zoomed in picture of what happens.

And this is what ends up happening when I take a screenshot in game with the stamp as-is.

At this point I'm considering just going around it by hand with the pencil tool, but I'd really rather not have to do something so tedious lol.

So what should I do, TQC? :(
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