Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

hi guys :) 
im home for a month for my semester holidays and yesterday my mum made me feel super guilty for not wanting to join her on a little trip for the next 5 days. its gonna be her, her sisters' and their families, and her friends and their families. i dont get along with any of them (because of language barrier and just general differences) and my mum tends to ignore me / tease me constantly when im there. i dont want to go cause ill feel alone and wont have fun, but she was angry that i told her i didnt want to go.

what would you do tqc? would you feel bad? i always feel bad because it's my mum, but i know ill feel awful there. and im 22, i should be able to decide what i want to do, right? i just cant stop thinking about it tho and i think shes kinda giving me the silent treatment right now :x
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