aeila (aeila) wrote in thequestionclub,

Clothing disaster of ginourmous proportions!

So...apparently Arizona no longer makes my jeans. I've been wearing the same size for the past decade, and the same style for even longer. They are no longer to be found. If anybody cares, it's Arizona Barely Flare size 16slim. They were amazing...they fit perfectly, were affordable (around $22), the stitching was understated (it didn't 'pop' against the fabric color), and they didn't have any of that glittery shit like all the other jeans in the girls section.

Why would they stop making these jeans? It's a personal attack on me, y/y?

Should I suck it up, and start wearing straight cut again? Or should I spend an ungodly amount of time at the mall trying to find a new perfect style of jeans, and hope that doesn't get discontinued?

Have you ever been forced to abandon a long-held clothing choice, because it was no longer available? What was it? How did you cope?

I seriously feel like my whole year has been ruined, like 2013 is an impending disaster. I haven't been able to buy new jeans in 3 years...I know they're just jeans, but I have treasured the fact that I didn't have to go through the hell of finding pants that fit. I was planning on wearing this brand/style for the rest of my life (or until my hips decided to expand to grown-up sized).

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