Jess (isunova) wrote in thequestionclub,

I went into the local no kill cat shelter a week before Thanksgiving looking for some feline friends. I found an adorable pair and I filled out an adoption application. It's been a month, and I haven't heard anything. They asked for references on the application and they have not been contacted either. My phone number changed a week ago and I tried calling the shelter and got no answer. They are open to the public twice a week for 3-4 hours but I work during both shifts. I knew going in that they were not going to rush the process because they want to make sure the cats are going to good homes, and that's totally fine, but it seems like it has been an excessive length of time for nothing to have even been started. I'm guessing the fact that I recently had cats for 2+ years but did not have a vet reference has made them uninterested in me as an adopter.

I'm thinking of going to the humane society tomorrow and starting fresh but I feel guilty about abandoning the two kitties at the shelter. Should I give the shelter more time/try to call again, or just move on?
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