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Book about Shintoism

How do you decide if you're going to buy a book or not when you can't look it up at the library first or look at it in a bookstore?

Right now I'm interested in learning more about Japanese history and religion. It's not for studies, just a general interest. I've read a lot about buddhism before, and the last book I read was sort of an introduction/overview to religions in Japan. However, that was the only book on this topic that I could find at the library, so I tried to find something online. I've decided I want to know more about Shintoism! I found this in the online bookstore I most often use:

The reviews on Goodreads are very mixed! Some people like the book a lot, others strongly dislike it. Now I can't decide if I can believe that it's worth paying for this book or not! (It's not the first time I've wished my library had more books!)

Has anybody read this book?

Do you know of any other good books for a curious person?

DK/DC - Anyone here who likes the anime Black Jack? :)
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