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If you celebrate a holiday that involves gifts, and you have kids in your family, are the kids either encouraged or expected to buy gifts for everyone? What are your family habits regarding kids and presents?

Is it weird, or feasible, for someone under 9 to be somebody's Secret Santa when the rest of the people are adults? (I feel like in that case, the kid's name should be left out of the hat and all the adults should just buy her or him a present, but maybe that's just how I grew up. With the "kids get loaded with gifts" mentality.)

At what age did you start buying gifts for people (with your own money or your parents' money)?

N/A / bah humbug: What do you hope to accomplish before the year ends?

My answer, because who doesn't like talking about themselves:
In my family, kids are showered with gifts until around the mid to late teens when they are perceived as adults. Kids aren't expected to buy gifts until they're old enough to earn their own money and choose to participate in gift-giving, although if they want to make crafts or buy cheap gifts, that works.

With my inlaws (who are still family but...I've only known them for a few years) there is only one kid right now, so she is included in the gift exchange as if she were an adult, maybe so she doesn't feel left out. If we don't do secret santa, she just buys people little things with mom or grandma's financial help. If we do, then I guess her mom is the one paying for her gifts since she has to get real things off a wishlist? I wouldn't know, but as long as she chooses to do that then ok.

I don't remember how old I was, but I didn't have a habit of buying people gifts until I was old enough to make money and have a bank account.
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