grrlplea (grrlplea) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone live in Los Angeles? I currently live in the Bay but if I have to stay here for one more year, I think I'm going to blow my head off. So, I'm looking for jobs in LA so that I can re-located and ditch this place.

I've been to LA once and despite what other people told me beforehand, I really liked it. I stayed in Santa Monica but spent a lot of time in Venice and various neighborhoods in LA proper. Parts of the city reminded me of Chicago, my hometown, which was weird. But after living in boring fucking suburbs for 4 years (Bay Area Peninsula), I think I was also just happy to be in a place that was remotely city-like (even though LA is pretty damn suburban compared to other big cities).

Anyway, one of my regrets is that I didn't really interact with people while I was there since I was visiting with a friend. Any thoughts on the people in LA/neighborhoods/culture -- especially young people culture? If you live in LA, who/what kind of crowd do you hang with? How do you like living in LA or the surrounding area? Would you recommend it to "outsiders"?
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