mcstupid with a side of idiot (jaysus) wrote in thequestionclub,
mcstupid with a side of idiot

Dear TQC,

after working hard for 3 years and earning a 4.0 GPA, I'm about to fail a semester of college. I feel like an utter failure and a piece of shit. I hate school and I feel like I'm stuck here forever. I want to finish, I HAVE to finish...what with all the time I spent and all the loan money I took out. Because I failed, I have to re-take courses and stay here even longer. I'm feeling so sad and depressed about it, I want to kill myself almost.

Had anyone else been through this? I just need someone to talk to I guess, or someone who can share their own experiences. I know I'm being overly-dramatic but I can't help feeling absolutely awful right now.

When was the last time your life felt like shit, and how did you cope?
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