belle_m (belle_m) wrote in thequestionclub,

For the make up people..

Since I'm all grown up and stuff now and about to start a real job, I thought I might need to get some adult-ish things in the near future. My friends and family have been asking what to get me, and I suppose I should ask some of them for makeup. The thing is: I don't know anything about makeup. Okay, I know very little about it..

I have brown hair, blue eyes and extraordinarily pale skin. Whenever I've tried what I've been told are the "Go-To" colors of eyeshadow in the past (the taupes, browns, beiges), I look like I have serious eye inflammation within an hour or two. It just really makes the area around my eyes and whole face look... red. I don't get the same effect when I use nearly-black eyeshadow, but I obviously can't wear that to work.

Is there some color or some... thing... I can use to not look like I've been punched in the face repeatedly when I use these muted colors? Am I doing something wrong?
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