loveandbees (loveandbees) wrote in thequestionclub,

Similar to the character Lenny from 'Of Mice and Men', I really like to touch soft things. I mainly like soft skin, such as earlobes, and am known to feel people's ears frequently, particularly my brother's ears because they are SO SOFT
Q1 - does anyone else do this!? My friend X is the only person I know who also does this, and my brother is so sick of her and me feeling his ears that he now charges 20p a stroke. X and I generally stick to stroking each other's ears now, free of charge. I am becoming increasingly aware whilst writing this post that paying money to touch one's brother's earlobe is a bit weird
Q2 - Today I felt his ear, and I felt something vibrate! He also noticed - it felt to him like pinpricks, and it felt to me like a vibrating phone. He felt nothing when X did it. I did it one more time, and after a couple of seconds of vibrating ears, it stopped. Any ideas!?
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