heart seams & bubble dreams (radley) wrote in thequestionclub,
heart seams & bubble dreams

Long car trip with a kitty!

I adopted a kitten from the humane society in August and next weekend, I will be taking her on her first road trip. She's been in the car for short periods of time like coming home from the humane society, or going to and from the vet. She meows a bit, but seems generally relaxed.

Next weekend, we'll be driving to Canada for the holidays. 7 hours in the car on the first day, around 10 on the second day. What are some tips to make this the most comfortable and stress-free ride for her? She's my first cat, so I'm really not sure what I should be prepared for.

I will be bringing her litter box as well as her carrier. Should I be keeping her in her carrier for the whole ride or let her out a bit every once in awhile? My dog will also be in the car but they love each other so that won't bother her. Should I keep her on her regular eating schedule?

Any info would be appreciated!
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