y (chantalzola) wrote in thequestionclub,

Postcards! Vintage Anything! Fashion!

I'm in a bit of a listing rut with my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/agnesofbohemia. My husband gave me an early xmas present of 800 vintage postcards. I now have around 3,000 vintage postcards to sell. I never know what to list next. It's like trying to order at a restaurant from the world's largest menu. I need help! I have postcards from most of the states, and some non-US postcards. The non-US postcards I have are mainly from France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. What U.S. State should I pick to list from? Or which one of those countries? I'll follow this post and list what is mentioned here next (unless it's from one of the few states I don't have, like Georgia).

Do you collect vintage postcards? If not, do you collect vintage anything? When did you start collecting? How many do you have? Do you buy them or are they/were they given to you? What's the oldest one you have?

What's your favorite look from this current fashion season? Favorite color from this season? Designer this season?
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